Film Review- Drinking Buddies (2013)

Drinking Buddies official movie poster
Drinking Buddies official movie poster

This independent film was released August of 2013. I have just recently come across it, and if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for indie films.
It follows Luke and Kate (Jake Johnson & Olivia Wilde), two friends who work at a Chicago brewery. Their usual nights consist of drinking heavily and flirting. They each have significant others played by Ana Kendrick and Ron Livingston, which completely complicates the lives of all four. It’s a film with an ending I didn’t expect, taking into account that it’s a romance flick. Each actor brings something else to the table. New Girl’s Jake M. Johnson didn’t disappoint me one bit. I think director Joe Swanberg did good in the casting for this film, because Johnson did exceptionally good at being that bearded guy who cares for the drunken friend, but just won’t let her in.

Olivia Wilde’s acting in this reminds me of my 22 year old cousin whose “screw it all” attitude gets the best of her. I think Swanberg did some plot exploring with this film, and it really turned out to be refreshing. You see a movie, and you think you can predict the character’s next move, but you just can’t win with this one. That right there is why I really found myself enjoying it after all, because that’s reality. That’s life.


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