All You Gotta Do Is “HitRECord”

Alright, so by now there’s a good chance that if I said the name, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you will know exactly who I’m talking about. He played a love struck greeting card developer in 500 Days of Summer (2009), and a young, heroic cop in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). He is also a young filmmaker, and if you have no earthly idea who he is, prepare to be enlightened.

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t starring in brilliant movies, lately, you can find him producing probably the biggest open-collaborative variety show to exist. Yes, a variety show. When I think “variety show,” I refer back to Dean Martin’s Variety Show; a classic musician’s broadcast of comedic originality. Now, a ton has changed since the mid-20th century, and more doors have opened in the sense of technology and the ways we can manipulate things… Joseph Gordon-Levitt has set the bar high with imagination.

It’s called HitRECord on TV. It is new, it is refreshing, and it is downright amazing. Basically, up to thousands of people across the world come together to this hitRECord community ( and bring their creativity and imagination. With this, the contributions of hundreds can produce short films, cartoons, musical performances, and many more. The tiniest and biggest contributions from users go recognized and the production team makes sure of that. Everyone gets a voice in these collaborations. It’s a neat twist on entertainment. No need to rummage through the web, because below I have for you the very first episode of HitRECord On TV. I’ve watched it well over two times, so it’s impressive.

I highly encourage people to watch even just one episode of this series as it is truly captivating to the eye, as well as the mind. Levitt reminds us just how genius we all are when we come together… Watch it!


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