Film Review- Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut with Reservoir Dogs is just so well done for being a low-budget first film. I thought the movie was quite impressive, and Tarantino’s way of telling a story from scene to flashback and to present wasn’t so much off as it was eye-opening. In the podcast I posted a few weeks back, I stated the three iconic films from Sundance history that are to be shown at this year’s Sundance London, Reservoir Dogs being  one of those films. Tarantino’s directorial debut blew him to a newer level in the film industry. I enjoyed the shady characters, the alarming plot, and the badass attire of suits and sunglasses.

The story line is simple. A handful of criminals selected by a boss man Joe Cabot, who know not a single thing about each other, except their given nicknames, are out on a jewelry heist. They go by the names of Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown. Mr. White, and Mr. Orange. Things escalate, the group of crooks suspect an undercover cop is among them and responsible for a setup, but it’s not until later that we realize the back stories and piece together the puzzle of how everything came to be. It’s one of those films.

Reservoir Dogs movie poster
Reservoir Dogs movie poster

The film begins with this group of fellows sitting at what seems to be simple diner, discussing absurdities with a side of vulgar language. The camera sort of does a 360 degree spin to each and every one of them as they’re throwing their opinions out on the table. You catch onto it when you see a film take on new camera angles and you appreciate those little niches. And so Mr. Pink, played by a young Steve Buscemi, has a little rant on the subject of tipping people, and it’s quite hilarious. Later comes the heist. There’s blood and lots of it. Guns here and there, and an abandoned warehouse that seems to never be clear of blood stains. What makes it exciting is that the story coming from this then newcomer kept you interested in what the characters will do next. “What is going on? What just happened?” may be the questions you ask yourself. Maybe it’s just me, but I found this film to be different than the rest of the heist-like action movies. It’s a slick film. It’s brilliant because upon seeing it, you know that the actors were perfect for the roles. There’s a ton of dialogue between the characters, so you can bet it was a somewhat lengthy script. You almost feel like you are there watching these criminals in the warehouse. Again, a badass cult classic. 


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