A Look at Local Cinemas

Recently, I’ve devoted much of my time into this project for class where I had to put a collection of photos into a picture and sound clip. My photo taking turned into a focus on local cinemas in my surrounding areas. I incorporated the song “In the Mood,” by Glenn Miller which came out in 1940, and was featured in a musical film (Sun Valley Serenade) a year later.

Looking into the past of cinema, it’s concluded that a lot of great classical films were coming out during this time. It was without a doubt the decade of Humphrey Bogart films (Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon). It was also the premiere of Citizen Kane (1941),ย the rise of war-related motion pictures, considering World War 2, and the forties gave us one of my favorites, It’s A Wonderful Life (1946).ย I used Glenn Miller’s song in this project to depict the start of the 40’s in the movie industry, and this specific genre of music goes hand-in-hand with the time. Another reason was that this specific song came to mind because I remember hearing it in my childhood in movies and shows as background music. So here I have the finished project, and I hope you guys find it somewhat enjoyable. Feel free to adjust the quality to your preference.



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