Film Review- Stuck In Love (2012)

Stuck In Love movie poster
Stuck In Love movie poster

Being a lover of romantic indie films, this one in particular caught my eye. Directed by Josh Boone (also the director for the upcoming movie The Fault in Our Stars), this movie explores what it feels like to fall in love and how sometimes, we just need a second chance at things. It features Greg Kinnear as Bill Borgens, an acclaimed novelist and divorced father. This character struggles with the outcomes of a lonesome heart, missing his ex wife and occasionally spying on her whilst being a father to their two teenage children. Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly shines onscreen as the ex wife who’s clearly moved on, but begins to doubt her choices. I love how the family was centered on Β this hobby of writing. The son’s got a fantasy piece in the works and the daughter has just got her first book published. Just another thing that kept me watching.

The kids, Rusty and Samantha, were played by Nat Wolff and Lily Collins. Connelly and Collins shared a striking resemblance with their dark hair and thick eyebrows, which I thought was a smart move in regards to casting. Kudos to them. I admired the daughter in the film, because she was this beautiful, cynical, yet likable character who takes no crap from anyone and refuses to give a sweet guy a chance.

Over the course of a year, this family is pushed out of their comfort zones to give light to new relationships and beginnings. I think the movie deserves just a little more recognition than it got. I thought it was such a sweet film. The complexity of emotions here can all be familiar to us. The cinematography is relaxing, and polishes the film well. It’s a movie about taking chances.Β “A writer is the sum of their experiences,” Bill tells his son.


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