Short Film Review- Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon) (1956)

Red_balloonIn Albert Lamorisse’s, Le Ballon Rouge, we find ourselves welcomed into a little boy’s adventure with a red balloon in Paris. As the film goes, this balloon suddenly has a mind of its own; stealing the whole show, in fact! What we see is this little boy strolling about, he sees this bright red balloon tied onto a balcony, and he climbs a pole to bring it down. The rest of this film is just magic. It’s enchanting watching all the vibrant frames and beautiful music as we follow the boy and his new companion through the French streets, giving a dash of life to the viewer. This boy’s curiosity in the beginning is reminiscent to the times we were young  and poking our heads into new things everyday. Probably the most unlikeliest of friendships, but yet even I was wishing a balloon would actually befriend me!! I was introduced to this short by my teacher in film class today, and I couldn’t help but bring this to the attention of my blog tonight.

One of the most iconic frames of Le Ballon Rouge

A film with no dialogue, but with gentle, sweet music that help tell us this story. Who needs that much dialogue when the storytelling is this outstanding?! My mind felt empty of negativity and filled with childish life. Truly a film for all ages due to its boundless array of emotions. Joy, sadness, hope, mischief, we feel them all in just the duration of thirty minutes. A very happy and uplifting film, indeed. Winner of many awards internationally, this movie is definitely a classic in anyone’s book. Its dedication to innocence leaves no room for flaws here. If the frame shot to the left doesn’t make you feel limitless and free, then I question your sanity..The film is available for your viewing here. Lamorisse can rest easy knowing that his work has reached far and wide touching many moviemakers and audiences to this day.


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