Film Review- Nightcrawler (2014)

Nightcrawler official movie poster
Nightcrawler official movie poster

“I will never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.” That rings loud in the words of Lou Bloom, a driven man who is looking for employment in the suburbs of a murky Los Angeles. Persistence. He might as well be the definition picture for the word, because there’s no room for a “No,” when you talk to this man. Lou takes a waltz through the streets of LA thinking he will snatch whatever glory is left of the city. Dan Gilroy brings us a fast-paced flick with unforgiving turns. In the opening scene we’re given a taste of LA streets in the nocturnal hours. The illuminated streets, the shot under the freeway, and concluding with a beautiful full moon over big hills. Lou seems like a scavenger for trouble and pleasure all at once. With big sunken eyes, Lou stops at a crash with fire and police officers. Cameramen race from behind him sticking their big ole’ cameras into the scene. Is this the feeling of glory Lou’s been searching for? These nights are made for blood, and what Lou stumbles upon lead him to discover a calling in urban crime journalism.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom
Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom

Jake Gyllenhaal plays this character in the most in sync nature. Right to the nerves, we feel this character come alive through the screen. I’ve always felt a spark in Gyllenhaal’s acting that would make him a perfect candidate for a good thriller, but man was I still surprised! You know that stern look someone gives you when they politely ask you to listen up and do something? Yea, well that’s Lou Bloom, double the intensity. This character just scares you; something about him doesn’t sit well. Maybe it was his intense face, shaven with prominent bones and gorgeous blue eyes, that kept us on edge. Perhaps the intelligent intimidations and lack of human sympathy. Actually, it was the whole package. This Lou Bloom sprouts into a guy whose fears are nonexistent, and morbid passions run wild in the city of angels. What’s ethical anymore? Who’s permission do we need to cover live action crime? When the money’s so sweet, do we even care anymore? That’s the concept at question here.

Most of the time, if I provide you guys with a YouTube clip of films, I very much enjoyed the film! Below is a little featurette of the film posted by Movies Coming Soon. I could very easily call this film one of the best to come out this year. Set in the underbelly of LA, Nightcrawler is a true morality bender. A film worth the wait, and carrying with it the insanity we crave to see in crooked characters. A twisted experience that you can’t look away from.



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