Blogging 101- My Dream Reader

Whippin out this gem for tonight✨

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Hello there, dream reader. I imagine you are a fellow blogger with big inspirations in life. I’m still here trying to pick up where I left off, striving at being the best writer/blogger I can be. It’s been eight months since I brought out my typewriter and had a taste of vintage writing. That Instagram photo was taken far too long ago. My time in front of an antique typing machine is much overdue!

For you, reader, I want to devote more and more time to these things. I want to get back on that writing horse and kick ass! It’s tough with college starting back in a couple weeks. I’ll have less time to blog. I’ll try. I’m a lazy human, but I’ll make it. If my 5 year old sister can devote so many  hours a week playing Grand Theft Auto, I can do the same! (with writing of course, even though I dabble with GTA at times) I hope you stay for a while!


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