Film Review- Contracted (2013)

Contracted movie poster
Contracted movie poster

Unsettling movie poster, huh? Well I don’t usually review films I don’t like, but Contracted made me feel like it was going somewhere. With an okay plot and some of what followed, it sure went dead after a while. A little gruesome and strange, for sure! The film follows a young woman who works as a server and seems tied up in relationship issues. She goes to a party with friends and ends up a little intoxicated and has a one night stand with an unknown, unseen male. (That’s already a really terrible circumstance) She soon realizes that shes’s contracted something far worse than a sexually-transmitted disease.

It’s odd trying to figure out what the writers envisioned working on this. To paint the picture: This girl, Samantha, begins to decompose little by little as the days go by. It’s gross and unsettling, I’ll give them that. I wanna say that that’s all the movie focuses on. Sorry if that felt like a spoiler alert, but I don’t really have much to go from other than strange, maggot-filled grossness, haha! If you wanna squirm and you’re not all about storylines, I say go for it! It was a huge build up for me. I think it had a flare of potential and they could’ve communicated much more on the story. I appreciate the beautiful (outside the film of course) young actress Najarra Townsend dedicating herself to the film. Probably the only notable performance of the film was that of a decomposing character.Β The ending made me very upset though! I thought it was just the easy way out. It’s one of the rare occasions where the predictable ending would’ve been the way to go. Again, weird film that could’ve been great.


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