Blogging 101- Bein’ a Good Neighbor

In the blogging world, it's as simple as leaving a comment.
In the blogging world, it’s as simple as leaving a comment.

So today’s Blogging 101 assignment has required us to reach out a bit more. Open our arms to bloggers that we haven’t interacted with yet. There are so many movie bloggers out there, and I’ve not only commented on their posts, I followed them! A couple aren’t even film related! (tryna be diverse here) Here are the links to four blogs I’m following as of tonight (it’s 12:15 am, so today?).

  1. Matinees at Midnight
  2. A Clear Lens
  3. The Sweet Files
  4. The Popcorn Junkie

So I hope some of you get the chance to check these blogs out. Some are cool, some are sweet, and some are brilliant! No disappointment here, folks. I’ll be blogging later again tonight, because I seriously cannot keep these eyes open. The night owl life is NOTΒ for me.


9 thoughts on “Blogging 101- Bein’ a Good Neighbor”

  1. HOWDY NEIGHBOR, I LIKE YOUR SITE AND CONCEPT. QUESTION: my blog is one day older than the 101 course. Can you tell me what a Blogroll is. I mean I saw yours. But is it different than, say, ‘recent posts’?

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  2. I also follow the Sweet Files! She’s really really great.

    I found your blog through the blogging101 hashtag, and I’m glad! It’s so nice to stumble upon a blog that has a focussed purpose and theme to match. πŸ™‚

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  3. Love your blog! This will be the first film blog I have followed and I already love it. Thank you for being awesome! And what a fun surprise to visit your blog and see the love you have given mine! It truly made my morning!

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