Blogging 101- Being Inspired By My Neighbor!

So this follow up assignment led me to pick the one blog who’s style I am not familiar with: a cute lil food blog! Her name is Jessica (we share the same name!) and she is a mother of three! Her “main squeeze” listens to Dave Mathews Band, so I am already completely sold to this blog! (you had me at “Dave Mathews”) She blogs about food, and my comment resides on her adorable “About” page.

6e19d77d657fe5c3ad416edc345f8413Her page struck my attention because it is so sweet and easily relatable. That’s only half the reason I followed her though. In life, I find myself with the struggles of adulthood, youngggg adulthood. I’m trying to navigate correctly in life, and moving into an apartment soon calls for extra expertise in the kitchen, I’d say! I admit, my most proud dishes are the standard pasta with canned sauce, scrambled eggs, and sauteed fish of all kind! I have my own main squeeze to look out for and feed! With Jessica’s blog I hope to learn and to be inspired by her dishes and easy to follow guidelines. I’m also gonna go ahead and tell her that her directions for prepping these meals are never ever boring. This girl has some enthusiasm! Being the first food blog I ever follow, I hope she knows she’s inspired me today. I take pride in my blog, so why not take pride in the kitchen?!


8 thoughts on “Blogging 101- Being Inspired By My Neighbor!”

    1. Oh yes! I may not have made it noticeable, but if you click on the pink words “cute lil food blog” it should take you directly to her blog! 🙂


  1. Oh my goodness Jessica! You are so sweet! I’m so glad to have you as a blogging friend! For Realz Girl! My passion for cooking developed when I was probably your age, (not too long ago). I’m so excited to be a part of your cooking journey!

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