Road to 2015: Academy Award Nominations

Super stoked for Boyhood! (Is that even a surprise at this point?) And just as excited about Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette being in the nominations. Reading the list also reminds me to watch Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel before my time is up! Oscars are only about a month away. I guess you could see it as a “movie bucket list.” If you loved watching your fave 2014 films, why not join the support for the Oscar race? Can’t wait for the show! Don’t you guys just love award season?

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The 2015 Academy Award nominees have just been announced, and what an unpredictable set they were. Jennifer Aniston has been left out of the leading actress race, despite a much hyped performance in Cake, and despite being shut out of all major categories Selma still had a Best Picture nod.

Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel tie with the most nominations at nine a piece, while Boyhood and American Sniper both get six each. Bradley Cooper snuck into the leading actor race, while Bennett Miller secured a nomination for directing Foxcatcher though the film wasn’t nominated.

The full list of nominees is below, and you can get all the latest Oscar news and previews right here until the 87th Academy Awards on Sunday, February 22nd 2015. The awards will be held live at the Dolby Theatre and hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.


2015 Academy Awards Nominees



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