Blogging 201- My Friendly Statistics

writerApproximately a year ago, I started this blog with some hesitation as to how much effort I’d put in. It was for an electronic media class and soon become something more. Fall of last year I got right back to blogging regularly. Posting movie reviews as often as my life allowed me to. School’s back on, so it’s been very difficult (note that I also work many hours per week) to keep up with blogging and connecting, much less sleep! I’ve signed up for Blogging 201 now, and I’m hoping to see a lot of change in my blog in the next two weeks..

The Cinema Bliss is a year old! And as part of an assignment, I’m looking over my blogging stats as you are reading this! My top posts/pages have been my about page, homepage, new year’s resolution, and when I cover different topics/peeps in one post. It seems that the Blogging 101 course has helped me a great deal on views. It’s helped to put my blog out there and have others leave such cool comments and recommendations. I don’t go out and look at other bloggers much, so I’m not totally oblivious now thanks to these courses. My WordPress business has always been straight to the point. Log on, scroll through the reader, and work on a post. If there’s one thing I learn from the course, it’s the way of communication. Who doesn’t love checkin out the stats to see a spike in views?? It makes my day, truly. Thanks, you awesome and lovely people.


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