Film Review- Living on One Dollar (2013)

I will say this: I’m grateful for the things I have, but have also fallen prey to selfishness and envy. In other words, I’m a perfect candidate for an eye-opener!  Living on One Dollar is a documentary that challenges the mind to wander and to see what it is like to live with poor circumstances some of us have never imagined. It’s a doc so powerful and a pleasure to watch in the sense that it allows your mind to open. It follows a group of friends who decide to embark on a journey of survival, a drastic shift in lifestyle to one of Guatemala’s poor rural areas. An area where some children dream to become farmers and field workers. Sometimes families here must choose whether to feed their children or provide them with an education. They encounter major hunger, parasites, and challenged finances during their two month experience.

As soon as the guys get settled in, it’s time to talk money. They put together a specific budget plan in order to get the full effect of poverty and what it means to truly struggle. It made me cringe to realize that there are people out there who really do live on a dollar a day, maybe less. They don’t know when their next paycheck is coming and they don’t know what kind of food they’ll be able to afford the next week. It’s even more unsettling to realize that millions of people aren’t aware of these extremities happening in the world. It’s a must watch film. It’s inviting and doesn’t make you feel like you’re watching some boring, monotone documentary. It’s more than that! We feel for it. It’s a breathe of fresh air, as well as an example of kindness. We see the noble gestures of the town people and children (who made me feel terrible for overindulging in electronics in the first place, but for good reason).

hqdefaultI could sit here and type about the many stories you hear in this film, but really, just go watch it. To sit and watch this is a journey on its own. We’ve accomplished so much, but there is still more effort to be made in the world. This documentary sends a great message to the world, and they’ve even moved to the web! You can find out more about their campaign, Living on One, and they have many informative pages and ways to donate or become involved in this global effort and help out in whatever way we can.


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