Wall of Intrigue

I caught a daily prompt that spiked my interest today. As I’m being snowed in today (more like sleeted in, yikes), I began to peruse through The Daily Post, and I found a prompt that asks us to talk about what’s on our walls in our homes/rooms and why. Seems like a real easy, simple answer, but really, the things we put up to display truly Β mean something. I’ve taken a couple shots of my things and every piece actually represents a passion of mine throughout my life.

Let’s start with the cheesy fact that I’m a hopeless romantic. Not as bad as my mom, but yes, I indulge in the everlasting hope of romantic things. I clench to it, honestly. I love seeing people holding hands, seeing someones eyes light up when they speak of something they’re passionate about, and of course seeing the smile on my boyfriend’s face when I act silly with him. So I think that all makes sense when I take a glance at what’s on my walls. I hope this tells you all a little more about me! πŸ™‚


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