Film Review- 50 Shades of Grey (2014)

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey
Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Girl meets wealthy, intimidating boy. Boy is intrigued by girl’s uncomfort and beauty. Boy admits to wanting girl. Boy invites girl to a world of sexual control, but with terms. That’s the basic storyline you may’ve heard already. Ahh, yes. What was the most hyped up release this year so far has finally come up for critique. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson‘s sensual film is getting some interesting feedback. What’s more complex is that the girl, lit student Anastasia Steele, quickly yearns for the love of this boyman, Mr. Christian Grey. Problem there is, he’s got some serious emotional baggage. He’s not letting anyone in just like that. *snap of finger*

Okay, so I saw the film right on Valentine’s Day, meaning I definitely contributed to that

$81.7 Million box office earning that opening weekend.

You read that right. A record-breaking debut (especially for an R-rated erotic drama). “Fifty Shades of Grey sizzled at the weekend box office, setting new records for the highest-grossing Presidents Day holiday opener of all time and ranking among the biggest R-rated debuts in history,” noted Variety. I know that there are millions of folks out there who’ve read all three books and are just all over the film, praising it (my mother being one of those people!). And then for people who haven’t read the books, people like myself, I’m at my seat trying to decipher what it is about this film that is such a craze.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele
Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

Here’s my opinion. Jamie Dornan plays a dashing Christian Grey. A little younger looking than I had expected, but I guess that’s what the book wants. If I had it my way, I’d stick a 40 year old into the mix. Make’s things look slightly more taboo. But anyhow, he’s a handsome fellow who could’ve showed a little more pizzazz. As for Dakota Johnson, she’s a total sweetheart as Anastasia. This doesn’t seem to be a serious drama, so we’re not expecting too much of critical acting and over the top Oscar-type performances. The film seems to be doing just fine in portraying the book. Will I go see the next 50 Shades movies? Well, when my mother is a hardcore fan and doesn’t want to go alone, do I have a choice?! But really, I’d go. Only because I hate to start something I won’t finish, and my local theater is a pleasure. The movie wasn’t awful. It was merely just a book fan’s dream on screen. I’ll let those people decide. 50 Shades of Grey just seems like one hot fling to me.


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  1. I read the books when they first come out, I thought the film was going to be awful. But it really wasn’t as bad as I expected. Good review from a totally different point of view 🙂

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