Film Review – You’re Not You (2014)

It’s not everyday that a movie breaks me to the core and leaves me there on my couch, drowning in tissues, but here it’s happened. You’re Not You is a little masterpiece of strong emotions and relationships. Sometimes it’s the people around us who enable us to better ourselves. Sometimes we don’t catch on to the things that matter, and instead we are fixated on the things that don’t. Kate (Hilary Swank) is an ALS-stricken pianist whose life becomes altered as her marriage is at question and her struggles are redefined. With the skeptical support from her husband Evan (Josh Duhamel), they hire an audacious college student, Bec (Emmy Rossum), to assist with Kate’s daily whereabouts and condition. Bec is cool, Bec is young, and Bec is arrogant with men. Kate and her come from different lifestyles and manners, so what unfolds is a spectacular partnership. Over time the two get comfortable and form an incredible bond on screen.youre-not-you-san-diego-film-festival-2014

This was definitely one of the biggest tearjerkers I’ve seen lately. It’s the little moments that sometimes make an impact on your life. Sometimes you may not even know where your life’s headed until you encounter something amazing. All we can do is cherish the moments we have until they are gone. To love others deeply and honor their intentions is also something this film incorporates. With the narrative of a good Lifetime movie, the acting is the icing on this little cake. The performances here were excellent. Hilary Swank is a great actress, and you can tell that she is not afraid to put herself out there and be raw. There’s no disappointment. The finer points of it all of course has to be the main two performances by these women. Emotion drives this movie. Arguably a chick flick, but You’re Not You is something that is worth your time if you’re a little on the sentimental side!


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