Film Review – Jurassic World (2015)

jurassicworldsceneWe all grew up watching the Jurassic Park movies. They were the coolest! I know the third installment was my favorite. I remember begging my mother to rent it at Blockbuster (those were the days). Don’t know how many times I got her to rent it out for me… Anyhow, I think we all knew Jurassic World was gonna bring in the dough whether it flopped or shined. A teeny tiny bit overrated. Who can deny the level of anticipation? Especially how it got so hyped up. Geez. As of the end of July, Jurassic World has managed to climb to a gross earning of $627,699,630.

What in the world?!!?!

Of course, no surprise. Some in my family have even said “That movie was gay. Terrible. How the f*** did it make so much money? It was stupid.” Well, it made a lot of money because a lot of people had high expectations from having been long time fans of the franchise way back when. There’s a reason. And about the ‘stupid’ part. It lacked originality, yes. It did however have a nostalgic opening scene, welcoming us back to where we left off, it feels. Beyond that point, to me, it went like this:

Boring build up, maybe some excitement soon, another build up, CHRIS PRATT with dinosaurs, boring, then some Jake Johnson (can’t get enough of that guy!), and pretty much not enough dino clashes like I’d expect it to. Oh, and let’s not forget Jimmy Fallon’s cameo. 😀 But by the time you realize it is a pretty alright dollar-rental-cheap-movie-night’s worth, you’ve already paid your $11.50 ticket.  


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