Playlist Bliss: Listen to the Lyrics

I go through life and think of the moments that have gone, that are here, and the ones coming. What am I gonna hear of next? What’s gonna happen to someone? To me? What do I do with these memories and what are the people around me thinking of? I’m always wondering where someone’s going; what their motivations are. I wanna see them shine. In the mean time, I am here tonight on my laptop reminiscing of good times and actually feeling grateful for the memories I’ve shared with others. But when they go on with their lives, do you ever wonder if they think of you and where you are? Well, I’m sharing/posting a couple songs that always touch me, that always get to me, that always take me back to a different time… These are my bittersweet memories in music form. I hope you enjoy them and hear the words speak to you (because I’m posting them with their lyrics as well to follow).

First is a song by a much loved band, Mumford and Sons. I stop right in my tracks when Pandora decides to hit me with it, haha. It is so beautiful and nostalgic to me. A beautiful song on its own.Β 

Next is a song by Kings of Leon. No surprise here. Only my favorite band ever. This song was supposedly written by lead singer Caleb for his girl in NY. It’s just written with a passion. It drifts off steady and is relaxing. “You had me holdin’ on another time and place..”Β 


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