Film Review- Two Night Stand (2014)

HELLO. Here comes a little review on a film starring the truly awesome, Miles Teller. Let’s be blunt: is this one of the best rom coms I’ve ever seen? No, but it sure is cute. Director Max Nichols’ Two Night Stand revolves around two people who justtt had a one night stand and find themselves snowed in the next morning. Now they gotta stay indoors and tolerate each other… and perhaps get to know one another in the process. It’s a sweet little comedy with it’s own absurdities. It had some cute little scenes and reminds me that I have yet to build a fort with lights around it. IMDB rates it at 6.4/10. I’d say that’s just about right. It’s not a mediocre, wannabe comedy. It’s something slightly more fun, let’s say.

TwoNightStandAnaleigh Tipton plays Megan, a seemingly lonely girl who seems to have no strong qualities in her character. Well, her BFF is out and about and what is she to do on this cold Manhattan night? Drink something nice and look for a hookup online! She finds Alec (Miles Teller) and he seems to be the normal one out of all the guys she’s searched through. She takes a chance and just goes to his apartment, because nothing else is amusing in her life, ha! Boom. A one night stand and an unexpected argument later, she storms (pun!) out of the apt only to find that a crazy blizzard has literally blocked out the exit, and covered the streets. Here starts Megan and Alec’s little journey. Now, I really enjoyed Alec. He is a lazy and easy going guy. Doesn’t take himself too seriously. In a sense, his character is what saved the film for me. The film itself didn’t feel like it was going for a tradional chance-encounter type of story. It was sorta refreshing to see a new way to tell the narrative. The characters are simple and Megan is a little dull at times. So that kind of confuses the overall chemistry between her and Alec. I’m not sure that I would recommend it to many people, but it’s a good way to kill eighty-six minutes..


2 thoughts on “Film Review- Two Night Stand (2014)”

    1. That is true. It feels like most of them revolve around the same idea and scenario. This one felt a little different. They stayed in the apt and kinda found their way to affection. So for that reason, it was a little ok.

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