World Market Haul

A tiny haul! I love a good shopping spree, but what I love more than anything is finding food gems from other countries to try out. That’s why I occasionally visit my local Cost Plus World Market, which is like 40 minutes out from me. The drive is alright for what I end up coming from the store with! I hope to start this new blog post as something that comes around at least once a month, so be on the lookout!

Now, my family’s heritage is Uruguayan (South America) and it sucks that the store I go to doesn’t have much of anything from that country. It’s okay, world market, I won’t hold it against you. I can settle for some coconut macaroons from Great Britain for now and not some delicacies from Uruguay. Below I’m gonna share with you guys some of the cool things I found today!

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black tea lychee with rose box

BOH Seri Songket Collection: Black Tea LYCHEE with ROSE

Origin: Malaysia

Not only did the rose infusion in this tea catch my eye, but the adorable and exquisite packaging reeled me in. No tea enthusiast should walk out of a world market empty handed. The ingredients include black tea leaves and of course natural lychee and rose flavors.

But ‘What is lychee?’ you may be asking. Lychee is a sweet and distinct part of the soapberry family. It’s grown in subtropical areas such as Australia, Brazil, India, and Malaysia. It contains some essential vitamins and minerals like copper and potassium, and has an amazing aroma, especially when infused with rose accents. I’m not sure how much of the goodness is transferable to the tea, but it is such a yummy and robust sweet flavor.

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inside packaging

It’s sort of like the Rest flavor Tazo Tea has that has rose petals in the mix, but Seri Songket Black Tea Lychee with Rose has a more intense flavor and aroma. Tastes great hot or on the rocks! Recommended if you can hunt it down!

Chuao Chocolatier: HONEYCOMB

Origin: United States

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a foreign delicacy, but the world market features a lot of American-made foods that are definitely inspired by those who crafted similar sweets from other regions. This chocolate bar claims to be an all natural, gluten free gourmet handcrafted item. I snatched it up for a great low price and as a lover of dark chocolate, I must say that it is AMAZING. ย It has honey caramelized crispy bits engulfed in rich dark chocolate. The crisp layer of honey bits is not overbearingly sweet.

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chuao chocolates

It is not too bitter and not too sweet. It’s easy for me to eat a whole bar of this thing! It’s definitely not a flavor I have encountered in chocolate bars before. It’s free of hydrogenated fats, artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

The chocolates are produced in San Diego, California and their websiteย is stocked with other flavors including pretzel toffee, strawberry waffle, rocky road, caramel apple, and bacon. Quite an assortment of uncommon flavors there. I am not sure where you can buy these chocolates other than online sites, but if you ever do come across them in a world market, get them. They are so very delicious and being dark chocolate, it’s a nice little snap of a square to keep you going!

IMEI Choco Roll: Green Tea Flavor

Origin: Taiwan

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IMEI choco roll package

These cute little rolls are filled with a ย soft green tea filling and come covered in a flaky white chocolate layer. I’m not obsessed about the flavor, but I don’t dislike it. Ingredients include sugar, egg, whey powder, green tea powder, vanilla powder, and cocoa butter.

They come individually wrapped in green packs and since it is green tea flavor, it is a snack you could eat alongside your hot tea. I wonder though, if you could dunk these little guys into the tea as well. Let me know if you guys have tried this out! I don’t think I’ve heard of it eaten this way before. I have tried it like that, I just find that it crumbles quick when dunked. Fans of green tea are sure to love this product, or at least give it a shot.

Nestle KitKat Green Tea Flavor

Origin: Japan

I know what you’re probably thinking, ‘green tea kitkats?!’ But yes, it exists. So does strawberry cheesecake, pear, shinshu apple, edamame, brown sugar, and wasabi kikats. Japan has my heart here (they’ve always had my heart with anime), because this flavor I picked is what you would think it out to be…good! Surprisingly tasty. Not overwhelming.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
green tea kitkat packaging

It’s a mixture of white chocolate and green tea. One of my fellow staff writers at college described it as “white chocolate and grass.” Could you imagine that but in a good way? Because it does taste like the green tea leaves. The snack is not too sweet. It’s probably got fewer calories packed compared to its milk chocolate counterpart. All in all, the green tea kitkat is a worthy snack. I can’t speak for those other flavors I mentioned, but I would sure like to try them all out someday!

So there is my sweet little review on the products I found at the world market. I hope you guys someday get to try at least one of these cool snacks. All worth it. Next time I visit I’ll be on the lookout for other kinds of food as well. Hmm, maybe some Canadian maple syrup or some new imported beers. If I have any readers from around the world, please let me know what products you’re accustomed to and maybe it’s something I can find out here! I’d love for you guys to leave me your suggestions or thoughts!


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