Introducing… Mason Bliss Designs

Hey, friends. So I’ve had a little uncalled for hiatus. My biggest apologies. I’ll be back next week with tons of content. I’ve had some big changes in the past month and everything feels settled in now so I should be good to start back on my work here.

I’m just gonna say it.. I have a new hobby that involves jars and lots of paint. You guessed it, I’m painting mason jars. This obsession is so fresh and I love the craft so much that I’ve started an etsy shop of my own! Yikes. Of course no sales yet but I’m working hard on my stock and new ideas and such. The shop is called Mason Bliss Designs and here are some pics.

Now that we are knee deep in this post, I’m definitely gonna self promote here. Below is a link to one of my mason jar listings. Check it out, folks. I do different kinds of floral arrangements and jar decor.

More to come. I will be documenting some of the process on my blog here every now and then. Feels good to expand my features here. Film reviews, skincare reviews, world market hauls, what’s on my playlist, and now some DIY fun with my etsy shop. Stay tuned, my lovelies.


2 thoughts on “Introducing… Mason Bliss Designs”

  1. You do beautiful work! I hope it goes well for you! I also just started selling painted Mason jar decor and gifts. It’s really fun!


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