Playlist Bliss: El Hijo De Dios

Hey guys! I’m back! Gotta admit, I’m pretty terrible at juggling more than one hobby at a time. Since I introduced that I started an Etsy shop, I’ve been doing tremendous amount of work and a lot of networking  with other handmade crafters in the crafter community. I am exhausted! But I’m back this week to kickoff with another (hopefully) biweekly installment of Playlist Bliss!

These past two months I have been expanding my horizon with music. I’m tapping into foreign territory! Not too crazy for me, because I’m bilingual. I speak Spanish I’d say about 75% fluently, haha! So I’ve discovered an indie rock band from Madrid, Spain. They are Nudozurdo, and they are actually well known to their hometown and have made quite a name for themselves.

If you take a listen to one of their popular tracks like ‘El Hijo De Dios’ which translates to ‘God’s Son’ or ‘The Son of God,’ you will quickly pick up on their eccentric and unique sound. It’s quite catchy and it really is a totally different kind of indie rock, in my opinion. It sounds underground and most of their songs are great even for my road trips to get lost in. Let me know if you guys tap into foreign music every now and then… and what is good out there?! It may make my next Playlist Bliss. 🙂


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