Podcast Highlight: Spanish Obsessed

I don’t listen to podcasts very often. One time I tried teaching myself Italian by just listening to a very bland language learning podcast. The only thing that stuck with me was how to say, “I speak a little bit of Italian,” in Italian. So not much of anything.

My family comes from South America. We speak Spanish. In the past ten years  I have lost a little bit of the language. I’m not 100 percent fluent, but I found a very pleasant podcast that could help me with that. You see, I only speak Spanish when I have to. That’s where I became weak. So, I wanted to brush up my Spanish. Not so much in writing, but in the dialect itself; casual talk with others in person. Spanish Obsessed looks at the language from a different perspective. Instead of feeling like you’re in 9th grade, at your desk, being taught formally by a teacher, you are actually thrown right into the language by feeling as if you are there with the podcast hosts having a chit chat.

podcast hosts (left to right) Rob and Liz

Rob, a co-host in the podcast, was born in London. He moved to Valencia, Spain to start learning Spanish and to pursue a career in teaching English there. Long story short, he had moved in with three other Spaniard fellas who didn’t speak English. By just submersing himself fully in the language and culture, Rob was able to become reasonably fluent in Spanish! His co-host, Liz, is from Columbia and they both reside in London now, I believe.

Spanish, Latin American, and English culture and language are all discussed in the podcast. Their courses are divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced episodes. The Beginner episodes talk much slower and the phrases and vocab isn’t too intense, as to not intimidate the listener. For someone like me, the Intermediate courses are just perfect. They don’t talk crazy fast, but they have a natural tempo going that really lets me remember the emphasis and the way sentence structure works. Sometimes they may have a Mexican or Cuban guest, and also folks from Spain living in London, as guests on their podcast.

It’s a really fun and interesting podcast if you speak a little bit of Spanish or if you wanted to learn the language! Sometimes a second language can have an impact on your life. Read up here on how it changed Rob’s life and maybe it will inspire you! Spanish Obsessed is a great podcast to check out and it really opens your mind to a couple different Spanish customs. Let me know if you guys listen to any cool language podcasts.

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