Netflix’s Live Action DEATH NOTE Releases Dark Teaser

Anime and manga fans of the dark classic unite. The dark live-action adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba’s beloved manga, Death Note is almost here.

The first official teaser trailer for the live action DEATH NOTE was just released hours ago by Netflix and we are freaking out! Immediately, the teaser entices us with the notorious notebook falling ever so softly from the skies and into the grasp of our main character Light Turner (contrary to the manga’s ‘Light Yagami’), played by Nat Wolff. We also almost see one of the main characters in the frame, Ryuk the Shinigami, a grim reaper type creature.

In the minute long trailer, we are given just a peek at the twisted essence Netflix is conveying in its version. Margaret Qualley is seen as Mia Sutton (Misa Amane in the manga series). Almost instantly a flare of horror ensues in the teaser, and we can only hope that this live-action film adaptation of DEATH NOTE will not disappoint.

The story is set to follow the premise of the manga where Light, a brilliant high school student, discovers an eerie notebook entitled, ‘Death Note,’ which claims to kill anyone whose name is written within.

If you are a die hard fan of the manga and/or anime, you will be the toughest critic. It is sometimes difficult to portray a sinister plot from animation to live-action and time will only tell if Netflix has done the series justice. For now, we will form our opinions and anticipate together if the totally twisted badass-ery will translate to film.

Death Note started as a manga series in December 2003 and ran until 2006. An anime adaptation of the series premiered in October 2006 until June 2007. Netflix and their production studio got ahold of the rights for the live-action adaptation from Warner Bros. in April 2016.

DEATH NOTE, directed by Adam Wingard, will release to Netflix’s online streaming August 25, 2017.


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