World Market Haul

A pause from film reviews today to muse over some foreign delicacies I’ve found! Who doesn’t love rummaging through world markets and finding amazing food products to try out? It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts (I’ve done some damage at the world market since, don’t get me wrong), but here I am to give you the scoop on some new items I’ve tried that are completely worth it! If you missed my previous highlighted trip, you can read it here.


the Carmencita Manzanilla con Menta tea box

Carmencita Manzanilla Con Menta Tea

Origin: Spain

Alright, so growing up, I guess it’s most definitely relatable growing up hispanic, my mom and grandma would always recommend brewing me some chamomile tea for my upset stomach. “Te de manzanilla,” I’d always hear. Honestly, it took me a while to realize chamomile and ‘manzanilla’ were actually the same herb! But all my life, I always did enjoy the soothing taste of a hot cup of chamomile tea. Manufactured in Spain by the brand,Β  Carmencita, I found this blend of chamomileΒ  with heavy notes of spearmint to be so dang good! Just add a pinch of sugar or just some dark organic honey and you’re good to go. Chamomile as a herb helps in digestion and also the ease into sleep mode. Smelling this tea feels like a decongestant itself. I highly recommend not only this specific blend of chamomile and mint, but any sort of hot tea to put an end to your busy days. You won’t regret it. Tea is bliss, trust me.

Droste Dark Pastilles

Origin: Netherlands

If you had me choose between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, I’d almost always choose the latter. Droste takes pride in their chocolate pastilles and it’s noted. Their dark chocolate pastilles are so rich and so very creamy. It’s easy to savor the whole package when one very rich flavored candy is just enough! I bought a small package of these candies and I just had to share with everyone. Convenient store chocolates have nothing on this Dutch find. The Droste company has been perfecting these famous pastilles since 1863. It’s definitely a staple among fine chocolates. Next time you stop by a Cost Plus World Market, seek these out even if you don’t like dark chocolate!

Droste Holland Dark Pastilles packaging

Daelmans Honey Stroopwafels

Origin: Netherlands

Daelmans honey wafers

So some convenient stores are carrying more of these delicious Dutch honey wafer snacks. Daelmans Stroopwafel (honey wafers) is a creamy and sweet honey filling that is sandwiched between two thin wafer cookies. These are a common snack that accompanies the morning coffee. It’s classy snacking that is so chewy and sweet. The wafer tastes like a waffle that’s kept a true maple flavor when dried. The common method to eat these is simple: Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea, place your stroopwafel on top of the mug so that the steam heats it up nicely, then turn over or just eat it as is! Daelmans produces a variety of filling flavors, sizes, and packaging, so maybe you’ll come across a stroopwafel on an international flight one day, or order yourself some of these breakfast pastries on Amazon.

BOH Seri Songket Black Tea MANGO

Origin: Malaysia

BOH Seri Songket black tea with MANGO

On my last World Market Haul, I highlighted a different flavor from Seri Songket, Lychee Rose tea. That one remains as my favorite from the brand, but their mango black tea is super exquisite! The hint of fruity mango flavor is not overbearing. The black tea with mango infused is a bold and deliciously sweet way to wake up in the mornings. With these, I only add a little bit of honey to complement the mango and it’s perfection. I try to not buy the same teas over and over. I like variety, but Seri Songket produces these smooth flavors and I just can’t help but continue to buy their teas.

So that’s it for this World Market Haul. I’ll expand more on some different items next time I visit my local Cost Plus World Market. Maybe you found out about a tea you didn’t know existed, or maybe you wanna jump in and share the love for Droste chocolates!


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