me and boo
It’s silly, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Brian (the fiance) and I. Weird is our comfort zone.

I’m Jess.Β  I live around the Nashville, Tennessee area and I’m quite literally a tourist in my own city. I’m originally from Santa Monica, California. I kept a diary on and off in elementary/middle school, so writing was always my therapy growing up. Through high school, I honestly kept to myself and found confidence when I started writing for my school newspaper. Not at all a professional, it was still an outlet for me to be heard.

I attended school at Volunteer State Community College and majored in Journalism. I improved my writing significantly and excelled as a staff writer for my college’s newspaper. An electronic media class called for creating a blog where all forms of audio and video would be incorporated. Fast forward and here it is still!

Welcome to my blog; a place where my real world meets sweet delight in film. This is my haven for film reviews mainly, as it’s my passion, but I also blog about other subjects that pique my interest. I do some more professional work lately. For that, you can check out my portfolio tab to see where all my free time goes and what I’m working on.


28 thoughts on “About Jess

  1. I like your profile! I noticed in your categories that you follow podcasts. I am huge podcast fan and I am thinking about writing a piece on it for the “weekend warriors” assignment. What is your favorite podcast??


    1. Well a couple years back I listened to one called The Grim Reader, which was a pro screenwriter who would read and critique screenplays thar people submit. Sounds boring, i know hahaha. But I intend on finding more. I heard Mind Movers Podcast is a good one!!


      1. Screenwriter perspectives are always interesting to hear because you get to understand what they look for in a movie and it’s also an opportunity to get a different perspective on how to “watch” a movie; sounds cool! It’s awesome your a huge movie fanatic, I probably watch one once a day or just leave it one on as the background noise ha.


  2. Hi Jessica! I am a pretty kitty lover and tea connoisseur as well πŸ™‚ In fact, I distribute tea with inspirational quotes attached to them and you can view them at my website at I noticed in one of your blog posts that you’re getting ready to move into your new apt. I’ve been out of college for a year now but if I can offer you any tips on apartment must-have, do’s, and don’ts I’d love to! Check me out as I navigate these exciting twenties of ours πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh thank you! Yea I’m sure we can chat up about teas and apts haha. My boyfriend of 2 and half years are definiteky getting an apt this summer! Anxious and excited all at once!


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