Blogging 201- My Friendly Statistics

Approximately a year ago, I started this blog with some hesitation as to how much effort I'd put in. It was for an electronic media class and soon become something more. Fall of last year I got right back to blogging regularly. Posting movie reviews as often as my life allowed me to. School's back … Continue reading Blogging 201- My Friendly Statistics

Daily Prompt- Pleased to Meet You (A Cinema Version)

For today's Blogging 101 assignment, we're invited to check out the latest Daily Prompt with intentions of building it up to fit our blog, and basically just personalize it! The prompt reads: Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each … Continue reading Daily Prompt- Pleased to Meet You (A Cinema Version)

Blogging 101- Being Inspired By My Neighbor!

So this follow up assignment led me to pick the one blog who's style I am not familiar with: a cute lil food blog! Her name is Jessica (we share the same name!) and she is a mother of three! Her "main squeeze" listens to Dave Mathews Band, so I am already completely sold to … Continue reading Blogging 101- Being Inspired By My Neighbor!

Blogging 101- Bein’ a Good Neighbor

So today's Blogging 101 assignment has required us to reach out a bit more. Open our arms to bloggers that we haven't interacted with yet. There are so many movie bloggers out there, and I've not only commented on their posts, I followed them! A couple aren't even film related! (tryna be diverse here) Here … Continue reading Blogging 101- Bein’ a Good Neighbor

Bloggers in the Spotlight

Movie bloggers/enthusiasts unite! After devoting more time to networking with other people who love movies, I've compiled just a teeny tiny list of a few worth keepin an eye out for! I guess this post could correspond with my old Blogging 101 assignment of following new blogs! So keep in mind that some are just … Continue reading Bloggers in the Spotlight

Blogging 101- My Dream Reader Hello there, dream reader. I imagine you are a fellow blogger with big inspirations in life. I'm still here trying to pick up where I left off, striving at being the best writer/blogger I can be. It's been eight months since I brought out my typewriter and had a taste of vintage writing. That Instagram … Continue reading Blogging 101- My Dream Reader

Blogging 101- Who I am & Why I’m Here

So I'm starting to blog with the Blogging 101 sessions, and I think it's something that will help me so much as far as organization and expression! I'll be doing a ton of these. For starters, I'm a college student who is now starting her twenties, and I can't wait to make something of myself. … Continue reading Blogging 101- Who I am & Why I’m Here