Film Review- Night on Earth (1991)

So today I am reviewing one of my favorite underrated films. Night on Earth was released in 1991 and it is actually compiled of five different vignettes. Sort of like New York, I Love You, except the different scenes all came from director Jim Jarmusch’s creative mind. In one single night, we follow taxi drivers and their passengers encounter in meaningful conversations in the cab. Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki. In one night we see different cultures, architectures, dialect, and some enticing individuals. I’ll break down the sequences to give you guys a taste!

The film’s first stop is in Los Angeles. Here we have a tomboy taxi driver, Corky (Winona Ryder). She picks up a Hollywood exec (Gena Rowlands) at the airport who later begins to connect with Corky despite social differences. I’m such a fan of enclosed conversations and when characters on screen really dissect their thoughts.

In New York, an older aged cab driver of East German decent, Helmut Grokenberger (Armin Mueller-Stahl) picks up Yo-Yo (Giancarlo Esposito), a young man going to Brooklyn. To Yo-Yo’s surprise it becomes quite obvious that Helmut does not really know how to drive, nor understand any American culture. The two form an unlikely bond through the remainder of the night. Helmut is a gullible and humbled man while Yo-Yo decides to teach him some culture.

Beatrice Dalle

The beautiful city of Paris is visited next. A cab driver from the Ivory Coast (Isaach De Bankolé) picks up a blind Parisian woman (Béatrice Dalle). The two don’t exactly see eye to eye with some things. (Unintended pun…wow.) Our cab driver doesn’t seem to be that open minded to the woman’s life with no sight. His snarky skepticism of her life shows. He shyly asks her constantly how she does everyday things like watch movies, eat food, and make love. One response was, “Sometimes I feel the film. I can hear it.” And I just love that. She is sort of romantic yet hardcore in the way she carries herself. We totally root for her.

Rome, Italy is the next destination in the film ,and believe me when I say that I hold this segment with much high praise. Before I get ahead of myself, just know that I’m posting the YouTube clip of it right below this post so be sure you watch it, friends! Roberto Benigni plays our cab driver, Gino. Let’s just talk about who Roberto Benigni is. His acting and directing in the 1997 film Life Is Beautiful, won him the Academy Award for Best Actor and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The guy is a splendid Italian comedian as well.

Benigni exudes charisma in this sequence. In the early mornings, the streets of Rome are practically deserted. Gino is just driving around being Gino and cracking wise jokes to himself. He finally stops to pick up a priest at a catholic church (Paolo Bonacelli). Gino begins to baffle the priest with his words and it is just the best. He confesses his vulgar sexual sins to the priest, and we suddenly love this dude. Benigni’s fast style of speech lets his jokes roll off the tongue so effortlessly. The certain comedy to it is golden. Such an eccentric character, Gino is.

Amazing fan artwork I came across on the Internet. Some characters you'll see in the film.

Amazing fan artwork I came across on the Internet. Some characters you’ll see in the film.

Lastly there is a quiet and snowy night in Helsinki and our driver Mika (Matti Pellonpää) picks up three guys from a bar, one of them undoubtedly unconscious from the drinking. Mika is a very humble and private character who later helps the two conscious men realize a thing or two about their own lives with trials and tribulations. Mika’s storytelling of his life experience really opens the drunkards’ minds.

In a 1999 interview with The Guardian, director Jarmusch tells of how those city choices came to be. After a previous project fell through, Jarmusch quickly wrote up a script in only eight days, writing these stories with his actors already in mind. Wherever these acting friends of his were, he went, and that’s how the film came to be. A traveler himself, Jarmusch has seen many countries and cities that have become very dear to him. In the article he says, “I love cities, they are almost like lovers.” And goes on to say, “The cities become characters even though they’re enclosed in a cab, the atmosphere, the colour, the quality of light in each city is very different and has a different effect on the people who live there and on your emotions when you are there.”

Night on Earth is a very interesting film, and the way these different cultures operate really bring it all together and becomes such a delight to watch. I fall more in love with its charm every time.

Mason Bliss Designs- My Craft In Pictures

I have been meaning to update you guys on what I have been working on for the past eight months. For those who do not know, I started a shop on Etsy back in July and I have stuck my foot in the door of the crafting community. I am a mason jar decorator! Yes, those gorgeous and classic canning jars are being painted and decorated. I live in the south here in the United States, so you can bet the folks here are loving these shabby chic decor pieces. Think traditional mason jars with an extravagant and shabby twist, Yep, that’s what I do.

So much networking and a handful of local craft markets later, my small business Instagram is flourishing with success. Orders are steady for now, so I’m using the time to come up with more listings for the shop! (Also to try and get my funk back and continue blogging more!!!) Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite decorative mason jars and arrangements I’ve put together. I hope to make a few DIY posts for the blog here to give you guys a fun inside look at how I make them. Who doesn’t love DIY crap? Really.


Playlist Bliss: El Hijo De Dios

Hey guys! I’m back! Gotta admit, I’m pretty terrible at juggling more than one hobby at a time. Since I introduced that I started an Etsy shop, I’ve been doing tremendous amount of work and a lot of networking  with other handmade crafters in the crafter community. I am exhausted! But I’m back this week to kickoff with another (hopefully) biweekly installment of Playlist Bliss!

These past two months I have been expanding my horizon with music. I’m tapping into foreign territory! Not too crazy for me, because I’m bilingual. I speak Spanish I’d say about 75% fluently, haha! So I’ve discovered an indie rock band from Madrid, Spain. They are Nudozurdo, and they are actually well known to their hometown and have made quite a name for themselves.

If you take a listen to one of their popular tracks like ‘El Hijo De Dios’ which translates to ‘God’s Son’ or ‘The Son of God,’ you will quickly pick up on their eccentric and unique sound. It’s quite catchy and it really is a totally different kind of indie rock, in my opinion. It sounds underground and most of their songs are great even for my road trips to get lost in. Let me know if you guys tap into foreign music every now and then… and what is good out there?! It may make my next Playlist Bliss. 🙂

Smoke Still Doesn’t Get in Your Eyes — The Fluff Is Raging

The Motion Picture Association of America is facing a lawsuit that would ban smoking in movies rated G, PG, or PG-13. The MPAA is arguing such a ban would be an infringement of free speech. The argument about depictions of smoking in movies comes around every few years. Now seems an appropriate time to repost a piece […]

via Smoke Still Doesn’t Get in Your Eyes — The Fluff Is Raging

Introducing… Mason Bliss Designs

Hey, friends. So I’ve had a little uncalled for hiatus. My biggest apologies. I’ll be back next week with tons of content. I’ve had some big changes in the past month and everything feels settled in now so I should be good to start back on my work here.

I’m just gonna say it.. I have a new hobby that involves jars and lots of paint. You guessed it, I’m painting mason jars. This obsession is so fresh and I love the craft so much that I’ve started an etsy shop of my own! Yikes. Of course no sales yet but I’m working hard on my stock and new ideas and such. The shop is called Mason Bliss Designs and here are some pics.

Now that we are knee deep in this post, I’m definitely gonna self promote here. Below is a link to one of my mason jar listings. Check it out, folks. I do different kinds of floral arrangements and jar decor.

More to come. I will be documenting some of the process on my blog here every now and then. Feels good to expand my features here. Film reviews, skincare reviews, world market hauls, what’s on my playlist, and now some DIY fun with my etsy shop. Stay tuned, my lovelies.

Playlist Bliss: The Weary Kind

Alright. This week I’m gonna introduce you to this hidden gem of an artist. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this artist and track on a previous post, but it’s just that good. His name is Ryan Bingham and he has the voice of a rugged angel. Quite literally, he is the epitome of roots rock americana music. If you’ve ever seen the film Crazy Heart (2010), starring Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell, you have heard of him. You know that song at the end that Farrell’s character performs before the credits? That’s Bingham’s “The Weary Kind.” I can’t begin to explain how much I love this song. His voice is perfect. A YouTube user said it best:

His voice is soft rust slowly flaking away on a once beautiful, shiny classic truck. That’s the best way I can describe his voice and his sound and subtle grace. A dusty throat whispering our small town secret American fears and courage.

The track earned Bingham an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Critics’ Choice Award for “Best Song” in 2010, as well as a Grammy Award for “Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media” in 2011. The Americana Music Association also honored Bingham with the organization’s top award in 2010 as “Artist of the Year”.

Skincare Review- Dermalogica/ Peter Thomas Roth

Skin care regimens can be hard to adjust to and we don’t always buy what ends up working for our skin. Sometimes, though, we find our holy grail skin care products and that’s exactly why I’m posting this today! Are the two products I’m about to show you “high end”? Sort of. One closer to affordable than the other. I’ll be talking about my face wash routine that (for now) includes the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Gel Cleanser and the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream.

So for almost a month now I’ve been using the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud cleanser every night and some mornings (if I remember). This cleanser has a gel texture that lathers very lightly and does so well at removing my makeup. When cleaning around the eyes though, it irritates a while after if you accidentally get some in there. But of course, be careful around the eyes.

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Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Gel Cleanser

So this cleanser claims to purify and decongest skin, remove and dissolve pore-clogging oils and impurities, and help to smooth your skin’s texture with its anti-aging properties. Immediately, I notice that it’s cleaning so well as I lather and massage it into my face. It literally felt squeaky clean. Once washed off and pat dried, my skin feels a little tight, still smooth, but tight. Also, it doesn’t feel dry at all, but with  a tight feel to the face, a moisturizer is essential. After you moisturize, the skin feels amazingly refreshed and smooth.

Again, I use it every night before bed and I use the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream in conjunction with it as my moisturizer of choice. The Peter Thomas Roth cleanser is not so high end but costs more than your average cleanser. It retails for $38 at Ulta and $12 for a little travel size bottle.  The Dermalogica smoothing cream is a medium weight cream that can be used as a daily moisturizer.

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Dermalogica line (left to right) Dynamic Skin Recovery, Super Rich Repair, Skin Smoothing Cream

Ingredients include lecithin, aloe gel, mallow, cucumber and arnica. It also contains antioxidant grape seed extract plus vitamins A, C and E. A little goes a long way with it! It sets my skin for the night after my face wash. I only use Dermalogica at night because I feel like it leaves my skin clean, but a little sensitive after use. Like most things, I like to just sleep on it. It spreads well on the face and the tube can last you a long time. It has a mild medicinal scent but nothing terrible.It moisturizes well by morning. It’s to be noted that it is considered clinical care and the product states that professional recommendation for the line is advised. So, you guessed it, the price tags are out of this world. I have a handful of Dermalogica products that I received as samples during my trips at Ulta.

I honestly won’t be buying more of them because one of their products are easily over $40. The Skin Smoothing Cream is priced at $64 for the regular 3.4 oz tube. I’m determined to continue use of the products I have. I’m hoping to start using the other two tubes and seeing how well they work. Let me know if you guys have used anything from both the Dermalogica and the Peter Thomas Roth lines!