Eggs and Soldiers (2016)- Interview with Director Imelda O’Reilly

Imelda O'Reilly is an award winning filmmaker from Kildare, Ireland and she fully translates her homegrown stories and personal endearments to her work in film. Her short film Eggs and Soldiers (2016) places family values and first generation tradition on the forefront of its narrative. Ned (Deema Aitken) is the 17 year-old son to a … Continue reading Eggs and Soldiers (2016)- Interview with Director Imelda O’Reilly


Film Review- Before We Go (2014)

Chris Evans finds comfort in the quiet of the city in his directorial debut, Before We Go. It premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and then to limited release in the United States. You could dub it a modern take on the Before trilogy from Richard Linklater, but you can also find traits that set it apart … Continue reading Film Review- Before We Go (2014)

Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ Trailer Is Astonishing

So if you haven't already figured, Richard Linklater is one of my favorite directors, and his latest craft has just released it's official trailer. It's called Boyhood and Linklater went above and beyond to bring this story idea to life. It premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival back in January, and received plenty of thumbs ups. … Continue reading Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ Trailer Is Astonishing

2014 Sundance London Screens Iconic Films “From the Collection”

Just a brief podcast on the three films that are to screen at the 2014 Sundance London Film & Music Festival in April. Are there any films that you would dub,"memorable from Sundance?"

Wes Anderson’s Upcoming Flick

On March 7th, director Wes Anderson will release his latest film to theaters, The Grand Budapest Hotel. The story follows Gustave H., a concierge at a well-known European hotel between the wars. It revolves around the gradual friendship of Mr. Gustave and his lobby boy, Zero. Among his shenanigans, he finds himself suspected of murder and … Continue reading Wes Anderson’s Upcoming Flick

2011’s Most Underrated Foreign Film Gets Remake

South Korea birthed probably the best revenge thriller to exist, I Saw the Devil. The film premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. I speak honestly when I say that not many films can cover the skills exuding out of this one. It is about a sadistic serial killer, Kyung-chul, who preys on defenseless victims and kills … Continue reading 2011’s Most Underrated Foreign Film Gets Remake