Playlist Bliss- WALLS

So if you know me in real life, you would know that I'm a huge Kings of Leon fan. Long time fan now and it astounds me that I haven't written a piece on them yet.... Really, Jessica? But how does one write about their favorite stuff without rambling on? I'll keep it simple today … Continue reading Playlist Bliss- WALLS

Skincare Review- Clarisonic/ Neutrogena

Any hype you may have heard about Neutrogena's new water gel true! I have finally found the best moisturizer for my face that is super hydrating and literally feels like your face is drinking water. First off, I want to make it known that as far as makeup goes, the Neutrogena brand has never … Continue reading Skincare Review- Clarisonic/ Neutrogena

Podcast Highlight: Spanish Obsessed

I don't listen to podcasts very often. One time I tried teaching myself Italian by just listening to a very bland language learning podcast. The only thing that stuck with me was how to say, "I speak a little bit of Italian," in Italian. So not much of anything. My family comes from South America. … Continue reading Podcast Highlight: Spanish Obsessed

Playlist Bliss: El Hijo De Dios

Hey guys! I'm back! Gotta admit, I'm pretty terrible at juggling more than one hobby at a time. Since I introduced that I started an Etsy shop, I've been doing tremendous amount of work and a lot of networking  with other handmade crafters in the crafter community. I am exhausted! But I'm back this week … Continue reading Playlist Bliss: El Hijo De Dios

Playlist Bliss: The Weary Kind

Alright. This week I'm gonna introduce you to this hidden gem of an artist. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this artist and track on a previous post, but it's just that good. His name is Ryan Bingham and he has the voice of a rugged angel. Quite literally, he is the epitome of roots rock americana … Continue reading Playlist Bliss: The Weary Kind

Skincare Review- Dermalogica/ Peter Thomas Roth

Skin care regimens can be hard to adjust to and we don't always buy what ends up working for our skin. Sometimes, though, we find our holy grail skin care products and that's exactly why I'm posting this today! Are the two products I'm about to show you "high end"? Sort of. One closer to … Continue reading Skincare Review- Dermalogica/ Peter Thomas Roth

Makeup Review- It Cosmetics / Too Faced

Another new installment to the categories! Yes, I know you beauty gurus out there will appreciate this post. I've been toying with a lot of new makeup lately, and I've been wanting to share my input with the world on certain products for quite some time now. I hit up my local Ulta and Sephora … Continue reading Makeup Review- It Cosmetics / Too Faced

City and Colour in Nashville, TN

On the night of December 13th, my fiance, his work friends and their girlfriends, we all went to a City and Colour concert over at War Memorial Auditorium. Man, it was a great concert! For those who don't know, it's indie acoustic/ folk music. So yea, if you haven't heard, you're missin' out. Not saying … Continue reading City and Colour in Nashville, TN

The Underrated Comedy: Mixology

ABC ran a sitcom from 2013-2014 that I feel people are forgetting about. Mixology is the story of ten singles who, throughout the course of one night, find their way into chance, curiosity, crudity, and love. Some will find the one, some hope to get it on, and some are led to the unexpected. Heads … Continue reading The Underrated Comedy: Mixology

Film Review – Whiplash (2014)

In Damien Chazelle's recent film, a young drummer, Andrew (Miles Teller), enrolls at a very prestigious music conservatory in hopes of making it big. "One of the greats," he hopes. Unfortunately, a cut throat instructor is there to push him every step of the way, and not very kindly. What I love about Whiplash is … Continue reading Film Review – Whiplash (2014)