Film Review- Frances Ha (2012)

Shot blissfully in black and white, Noah Baumbach brings Frances Ha to life in a coming-of-age story for the young adult. I found myself resonating with it when it was all said and done. It's a film that sort of tugs at your youth and what it feels like to struggle and let go. Frances (Greta … Continue reading Film Review- Frances Ha (2012)


Film Review- Before We Go (2014)

Chris Evans finds comfort in the quiet of the city in his directorial debut, Before We Go. It premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and then to limited release in the United States. You could dub it a modern take on the Before trilogy from Richard Linklater, but you can also find traits that set it apart … Continue reading Film Review- Before We Go (2014)

Film Review – Death Note (2017)

Netflix has finally unveiled to us its live-action adaptation of the super famous Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. I'll try to keep this short and sweet. You can look at Netflix's DEATH NOTE in one of two ways: viewing it as merely a film with no attachment whatsoever to its source, … Continue reading Film Review – Death Note (2017)

Netflix’s Live Action DEATH NOTE Releases Dark Teaser

Anime and manga fans of the dark classic unite. The dark live-action adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba’s beloved manga, Death Note is almost here. The first official teaser trailer for the live action DEATH NOTE was just released hours ago by Netflix and we are freaking out! Immediately, the teaser entices us with the notorious notebook … Continue reading Netflix’s Live Action DEATH NOTE Releases Dark Teaser

Film Review – Wishing For A Dream (2016)

You're lucky to land a life-changing role in the film industry, but what's life like for a struggling actress in Los Angeles, California? Wishing For a Dream takes a crack at the hardships of an actress just trying to make it to the top. In a way, the film is indeed glamorous with its take on the … Continue reading Film Review – Wishing For A Dream (2016)

Film Review – Persona (1966)

I remember my first Ingmar Bergman film... It was the Swedish drama Cries and Whispers. I remember sitting in my Intro to Film class and feasting my eyes on such a delicacy. With a film like that, you couldn't help but notice this eerie and heavy aura. Well, it turns out Bergman's films tend to … Continue reading Film Review – Persona (1966)

Film Review – White Christmas (1954)

They don't call it a classic film for nothing! Michael Curtiz's White Christmas is nothing but a joyous twirl through simple holiday cheer. Not too much into the holiday itself, but Christmas has its way of lingering around the narrative and it plays well all through to the end. This musical classic follows Bob Wallace … Continue reading Film Review – White Christmas (1954)